Project Ekta

Social Justice Cooperative

Project Ekta has developed as a social justice cooperative aimed at promoting solidarity, networks and collaboration across borders to challenge oppressive systems. Our diverse collective encompasses activists, artists, programmers and others from South Asian backgrounds seeking to enable progressive change.

A key focus has been leveraging design as a tool for social justice. Recognizing the vital role of social media, our team has actively created compelling visual content to capture attention and convey Project Ekta's vision. We have consciously diverged from corporate design conventions, instead opting for varied, connected aesthetics defined by bold typography.

In conceptualizing the logos, I sought to center the meaning of "Ekta" - unity in Hindi. The prominent Devanagari script logotype reinforces this. It draws inspiration from Indian typeface Modak while introducing custom edits.

In 2020, Project Ekta undertook impactful initiatives to provide COVID-19 relief and support the Indian farmers' protest. We produced and sold branded tote bags, raising over $20,000 in under 5 months. Strategic collaborations with casts of Indian Matchmaking, Dil Mil and organizations like Punjab Club and DWYA amplified our fundraising efforts.

Beyond direct financial contributions, we managed the operations of a COVID-19 hospital wing. This mobilization of resources was driven by a spirit of co-liberation and interconnected struggle. Rather than waiting for optimal conditions, Project Ekta chooses to embed our values into immediate, tangible efforts.

Moving forward, we are committed to expanding this approach. Our cooperative model seeks to foster grassroots action that uplifts marginalized communities. On-the-ground needs galvanize our collective into purposeful motion. Through praxis, we aim to build power, exchange ideas and advance a progressive agenda. Our strength lies in combining social justice values with bold action.